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Panoramic Views of Your Facility or Campus
Have you ever had to give explicit instructions to someone needing access to a particular area of your facility?  Or possibly needing to show a regulator a part of your plant that is inaccessible during production?  How about providing directions to emergency personnel responding to a situation at your facility?  These are all difficult scenarios to accomplish, but Strickland Technical Services has the ideal solution...

Panoramic, self-directed views provide the answers to all these situations and more.

Take a look at this sample from a local manufacturing plant:


Just hold down your left mouse button (or right button if you've reversed them) and move your mouse inside the image in the direction you want to look.

We can even embed "gateways" within the image that will allow the visitor to move from one area of the plant to another...

Or perhaps link to the Safe Operating Practices (SOPs), Lock Out Procedures (LOPs) or Drawings for that particular area or machine.


The uses for this technology are limited only by your specific needs --- and your imagination!

And don't forget that we can provide very affordable custom Computer-Based Training (CBTs) and custom-produced videos to make your training and marketing more productive. Just click on the links below for some examples, or drop us an e-mail for a sample CD or DVD.
Video Samples Computer-Based Training Samples

Coming Soon -- Examples of how you can use Panoramic Document Access from Strickland Technical Services to streamline your regulatory reporting.


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