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Electrical and Process Control Engineering Projects
Whether it's process control, mechanical engineering, piping design, CAD operators, or most any engineering discipline, our experienced personnel work closely with staff engineers and plant personnel to help complete projects on-time and within budget. Here are some of the projects STS personnel have completed...

Mechanical Engineering


Piping Design


Casepacker Controls Upgrade
Client: Confidential Client
Scope: Upgrade PLC 5/40 logic to improve glue placement on cases and replace existing QuickPanel HMI with PanelView HMI.
Services Provided: Developed all PanelView graphics to allow installation of three PanelViews on machine; modified Allen Bradley PLC 5/40 ladder logic, including logic required to operate PanelView screens, glue control logic and interface to new programmable limit switch. Provided check-out and start-up support.

MACT Emissions Reporting Software
Client: Cytec Carbon Fibers, LLC
Scope: Automatic reporting and historization of conditions that could result in emission of process gases into the atmosphere.
Services Provided: Designed Honeywell TDC-3000 logic required to meet reporting requirements; wrote Application Module Control Language (AM/CL) programs and Custom Data Segment (CDS) packages for carbon fiber facility emissions detection and reporting system; provided check-out and start-up support.

Dust Scrubber Installation and PLC Upgrade
Client: Confidential Client
Scope: Installation of new dust scrubber in existing process area and replacement of existing PLC 2/30 with a Rockwell ControlLogix PLC.
Services Provided: Wrote and led review of functional specification for dust scrubber system; assisted in replacement of PLC 2/30 and two I/O racks with new Rockwell Automation ControlLogix processor and I/O racks; configured new analog I/O modules and wrote all ladder logic required to implement a PID level control loop in the ControlLogix processor; provided check-out and start-up support.

Heat Recovery On Two Paper Machines
Client: Confidential Client
Scope: Provide substantial cost savings by installing heat recovery systems.
Services Provided: Designed system and equipment layout; coordinated demolition of existing equipment, including the abatement and disposal of hazardous materials; provided pre-work planning and installation of new equipment during machine shutdowns; supervised contractors; provided check-out and start-up support.

Paper Machine Breast Roll Replacement
Client: Confidential Client
Scope: Install an improved type of breast roll and associated control modifications on an existing paper machine.
Services Provided: Wrote Honeywell TDC-3000 APM/CL programs for paper machine breast roll separator control and primary screen control; rewrote an existing Honeywell APM/CL Serial Interface program to increase program execution speed and eliminate SI write errors; wrote Honeywell TDC-3000 AM/CL program for paper machine fan pump ramp to drool and ramp to setpoint control; modified Modicon 984 ladder logic as required for new breast roll and interface to new DCS logic; provided check-out and start-up support.

Paper Machine Automatic Edge Guiding System
Client: Confidential Client
Scope: Install a PC-based machine vision system to detect the edge of the paper sheet; install electric actuators to trim the edge of the paper with a water jet; develop Honeywell TDC-3000 software and graphics to provide an operator interface to the edge guiding system.
Services Provided: Designed and implemented all Honeywell TDC-3000 programs, logic and graphics required for control of, and interface to, the PC-based machine vision system; wrote an AM/CL program to perform edge guiding and sheet width calculations and allow the operator to change the mode of the edge guiding system, make adjustments to the actuators and modify calibration parameters; provided check-out and start-up support.

Mechanical Engineering


Piping Design

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