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Environmental Support Projects
Our laboratory team has over 30 years of combined experience in environmental testing. These highly-skilled technicians collect data, perform required tasks, compile data for analysis and generate the reports you need to comply with government regulation. Here a few examples of the projects our people have handled...

Lagoon Dam Seepage
Client: Confidential Client
Scope: Resolve water seepage in two large earth dams.
Services Provided: Coordinated with soils engineer and general contractor to make major repairs to two earthen dams, 300' long x 40' wide.

Poultry Water Pre-Treatment Building
Client: Keystone Foods
Scope: Design a pre-treatment building and equipment for wastewater system.
Services Provided: Mechanical engineering/equipment layouts and specifications; supervised installation; provided CAD drawings and documentation.

Asbestos Inspection
Client: Confidential Client
Scope: Identify potential asbestos-containing pipe insulation throughout the manufacturing facility.
Services Provided: Certified asbestos inspector sampled all pipe insulation, labeled piping accordingly and provided CAD drawings as supporting documentation.

Integrated Contingency Plan
Client: SCANA / South Carolina Electric & Gas
Scope: Combine response plans into an ICP to comply with multiple regulatory requirements for the Urquhart Station.
Services Provided: Updated and consolidated various emergency response plans and supporting documents to comply with federal and state regulations.

General Environmental Support
Client: Confidential Client
Scope: Provide daily support to the Environmental Department of a major manufacturing facility for the past 13 years.
Services Provided: Sampling and analysis for wastewater and lagoons; sampling for surface water; groundwater monitoring wells; soil, sludge and storm water monitoring; sampling and analysis for special projects and trials; on-call for emergencies.

Dust Collection Systems
Client: Confidential Client
Scope: Manage project to implement dust collection and disposal system in an extremely dusty area that exceeded OSHA standards on exposure for operations personnel.
Services Provided: Worked with staff engineering and vendors to design and implement dust collection and removal system on a paper machine winder, including dust collection hoods, ductwork, fans, drum filters, controls and fully-automated dust blowdown shower system; supervised all installation work by contractors and coordinated check-out and start-up.

Water Treatment Plant Sludge Pump Control
Client: Confidential Client
Scope: Troubleshoot clarifier rake torque problem and automate the operation of the clarifier sludge pumps to improve the quality being pumped to the sludge presses.
Services Provided: Assisted maintenance personnel with troubleshooting clarifier rake torque signal problem; added logic to PLC-5 to calculate a 20-minute sliding average of the torque value and automatically start and stop the sludge pumps based on the average torque value.

Spill Containment
Client: Confidential Client
Scope: Install secondary containment structures for chemical storage areas.
Services Provided: Containment trench and curbing system layout and design for chemical storage areas inside and outside facility buildings.

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