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Data Security
Domestic terrorism isn't confined to large venues and explosions; it can come much more subtly and hit us where it really hurts --- economically. For this reason, we're very proud of our efforts to protect the lifeblood of the American economy, its businesses. Here are a few of the projects our Data Security expert has handled...

Georgia State Lottery Launch
Client: Georgia Lottery Corporation
Scope: Create original Data Security Department infrastructure and staffing.
Services Provided: Management of data security during lottery startup and initial operations; created checks and balances for scratch-off tickets, daily drawings and weekly Lotto; monitored all information services activity of the lottery and its prime systems contractor; authored Security Operations Manual for Physical, Investigative and Data Security Divisions; surveyed security of regional lottery offices; established Business Continuity Plans to ensure prompt resumption of operations after a disaster.

Revision of Unclassified Network Security Plan for Department of Energy's Savannah River Site
Client: Westinghouse Savannah River Company
Scope: Revise the existing plan to account for new network infrastructure, including multiple detached locations.
Services Provided: Analyzed security risks of existing network in relation to Department of Energy requirements and authored the new plan accordingly.

Employee Security Education Programs For Small, Medium and Large Businesses
Client: Sizemore Security International
Scope: Plan employee seminars to offer existing and new security clients. Cover proper use of e-mail, safeguarding of day-to-day business materials and disaster recovery.
Services Provided: Prepared seminar materials and presented them as required.
Whether analyzing your network's security, educating your employees to protect your business assets, working on CAD or performing field investigations, we are always dedicated to speed and accuracy. Our first priority is our customer and our goal is your total satisfaction.

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